Last Dealer Standing:

‚ÄčAt each live tournament on Monday and Wednesday nights during Session D, the Last Dealer Standing will earn entry to an online 3-handed tournament where they will have the chance to win up to $51,000 USD

Once the Last Dealer is determined, tournament play will halt.  The Dealer will be entered into a $5 Party Poker Sit and Go Hero Tournament.  A random prize - ranging from $10 to $51,000 will be selected.  

To be eligible:

1.  The Last Standing Dealer must earn a seat at the Final Table.  If no Dealer makes it to the Final Table, no prize will be awarded.

2.  The Dealer must have reserved a seat for the tournament and indicated their willingness to Deal at the event.  (i.e., "I volunteer to deal")

3.  The Dealer must immediately play the tournament, or forfeit the prize.

Prize Award:

Any cash winnings earned by the Dealer will be immediately transferred to their online Party Poker account.  Winnings become the property of the Dealer.

Last Dealer Standing - Monday & Wednesday Nights