Last Winner Standing

Last Winner Standing:

​At each regular live tournament during Session D, the tournament winner will qualify for the 'Last Winner Standing' award at the Fast & Furious Series Final Tournament on Thursday, August 23rd.

At the final tournament, the Last Winner Standing - from among all who have qualified - will play an online 3-handed tournament, where the randomly selected prize will range from $100 up to $500,000USD.

Prize Award:

Any cash winnings earned by the Last Winner Standing will be transferred to their online Party Poker account.  

Players who have qualified for the Last Winner Standing award:

  1. Anita B.
  2. Brian V.
  3. Chris Di.
  4. Christopher C.
  5. Denis K.
  6. Don H.
  7. James Sc.
  8. Joe D.
  9. Julie M.
  10. Karl B.
  11. Keith F.
  12. Lee G.
  13. Marlo F.
  14. Michael L.
  15. Mika A.
  16. Mike S.
  17. Patrick S.
  18. Paul S.
  19. Paul T.
  20. Peter S.
  21. Phil D.
  22. Rachel A.
  23. Robert S.
  24. Shank S.
  25. Tracy R.
  26. Wendy D.