Last Winner Standing

Players who have qualified for the Last Winner Standing award:

  1. Chris Di.
  2. Christopher C.
  3. Denis K.
  4. Don H.
  5. Mika A.
  6. Peter S.
  7. Phil D.
  8. Robert S.
  9. Phil D.

Last Winner Standing:

‚ÄčAt each regular live tournament during Session D, the tournament winner will qualify for the 'Last Winner Standing' award at the Fast & Furious Series Final Tournament on Thursday, August 23rd.

At the final tournament, the Last Winner Standing - from among all who have qualified - will play an online 3-handed tournament, where the randomly selected prize will range from $100 up to $500,000USD.

Prize Award:

Any cash winnings earned by the Last Winner Standing will be transferred to their online Party Poker account.