Denis K.

Week #1 - 2B

Tracy R.

Week #3 - 2A

Robert S.

Week #4 - 1B

Wendy D.

Week #2 - 2C

All players in the OMG tournament during Session D are eligible to play the Final Tournament on Tuesday, August 21st at The Wallace.  

In addition, a player earns Bonus Chips which will be added to their starting stack at the Final Tournament at each weekly event.  The deeper a player goes at the weekly tournament, the more Bonus Chips they will earn.  

The winner and the runner-up of each weekly tournament will qualify to play the Fast & Furious Series Final Tournament on Thursday, August 23rd where an entry to the WSOP-C Main Event ($1,100 buy-in) will be awarded to the winner.

‚ÄčThe winner at each tournament table will qualify to be the 'Last Winner Standing' at the Fast & Furious Series Final Tournament, and play a 3-handed online tournament to instantly win up to $500,000.

Omaha Mixed Game Series 

Session D - Tournament Winners:

Phil D.

Week #1 - 2C

Mike A.

Week #4 - 2A

Phil D.

Week #2 - 1B

Michael L.

Week #4 - 2B

James Sc.

Week #4 - 1A

Robert S.

Week #1 - 1A

Don H.

Week #1 - 2A

Anita B.

Week #2 - 1A

Chris Di.

Week #1 - 1C

Brian V.

Week #3 - 1B

Mike A.

Week #2 - 2A

Julie M.

Week #2 - 2B

1954 Yonge Street (north of Davisville, west-side)

Start:  7:00pm  /  Late Entry:  7:30pm  /  Dinner Break:  8:00pm

Chris Di.

Week #3 - 2B

Keith F.

Week #4 - 2C

Mike A.

Week #1 - 1B

Mike A.

Week #3 - 1A

Karl B.

Week #4 - 1C

Lee G.

Week #3 - 1C

As of:  August 14 / FINAL RESULTS

Julie M.

Week #3 - 2C

Denis K.

Week #2 - 1C