Robert D.

​Week #2

Session C - Tournament Winners:                                                                     Session C High Hand:  Queen-high Straight Flush = Michael L.

  1. Abi L.
  2. Adam D.
  3. Al C.
  4. Alex P.
  5. Anita B. 
  6. Bob C.  (Bubble)
  7. Brian Ba.
  8. Bruno D.
  9. Christopher C.
  10. Curtis E.
  11. Don H. (Bubble)
  12. Glenn I.  (Bubble)
  13. John C.
  14. John Mc.
  15. Julie M.
  16. Karl B.
  17. Kim P.  
  18. Luke H.
  19. Marlo F.
  20. Michael De.
  21. Michael L.
  22. Mike A.
  23. Mike S.
  24. Nola D.
  25. Oscar P.
  26. Patrick S.
  27. Paul S.
  28. Paul T.
  29. Robert D.
  30. ​Stephen Pe.
  31. Steve M.
  32. Syed H.
  33. Thomas B.
  34. Tim C.(Super Pass winner)
  35. Tracy H.

Adam D.

​Week #3

Players who finish at any Final Table on Monday Nights during Session C will be invited to play the Final Table Tournament on Monday, July 16th at The Wallace.  Players who frequently finish at the Final Table will effectively limit the number of competitors that they will face at the Final Tournament.

When a player finishes at a Final Table they earn Bonus Chips which will be added to their starting stack at the Final Table Tournament.  The deeper a player goes at a Final Table, the more Bonus Chips they will earn.  Similarly, the more frequently that a player finishes at the Final Table, the more Bonus Chips they will earn.

BUBBLE BONUS - In this series, the player who finishes in 10th place (the last player before the Final Table) will also earn an entry to the Final Table Tournament.  They will not, however, earn any Bonus Chips to add to their starting stack.​​

Kim P.

​Week #8

Al C.​​

​Week #4

Anita B.

​Week #6

1954 Yonge Street, (north of Davisville)

Start:  7:00pm  /  Late entry:  7:30pm /   Dinner Break:  8:00pm

Players who have qualified for the Final Tournament, include:

Monday Night Final Table Tournament Series

​Week #7

​Week #1

Christopher C.

​Week #5


As of:  July 9 - FINAL RESULTS