Event prizes:

The winner of the Player of the Series Tournament earns a travel package to Europe.  Their travel package will include a travel allowance for air fare and hotel expenses.   An embroidered hoodie will also be presented to the winner to commemorate their success as our 'Player of the Series'.

Secondary prizes will be announced at the start of the Final Table.

How to qualify for the Player of the Series Tournament:

During each live scheduled tournament throughout the series, players that finish at the Final Table will earn 'Player of the Series' points.  Points will be tabulated on a session-basis, as well as an overall Leaderboard for the entire series.  See the formula below.

The Top 60 players on the Player of the Series Leaderboard will qualify to play the Player of the Series Tournament.  

Event Date:

  • Thursday, January 18, 7pm

Player of the Series Point Formula:

Throughout the series, the Player of the Series rankings will be determined by a unique formula that is weighted by the number of tournament entries, number of Bounties earned (if any), and the place in which the Player finished.  The formula is:

Position at Final Table (1-9)  x  #Entries  +  (Bounties Won / Entries * 100)

Scores will be tabulated daily and the Leaderboard (click the Player of the Series icon above) will be updated and published weekly.  Players that finish at a Final Table during the series are eligible for Player of the Series Points (POS Points).  The deeper into a tournament that a Player finishes, the greater their P.O.S. score.

As of November 29, 2017