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Introducing the Dealer SUPER PASS Tournament:

Near the end of Session C of the 2018 Summer Series the Toronto Poker League will host a Final Tournament for Dealers, where the overall tournament winner will earn a "Super Pass" to all league final events!  This tournament will be held at The Strangford on Thursday, July 5th.

The SUPER PASS provides the winner with entry to each of the final tournaments without cost.  This prize is valued at approximately $250.

The will be automatically included in the following eight final tournaments:

  1. TPL Main Event
  2. ​Second Chance Tournament
  3. Player of the Series Tournament
  4. ​Top 10 Tournament
  5. ​Winner's Cup Tournament
  6. ​Premier League Final Tournament  (Sunday night series)
  7. Final Table Tournament (Monday night series)
  8. Top 24 Tournament Final Tournament (Wednesday night series)

How to qualify for the Dealer Super Pass Tournament?

Each week in the Session, Dealers register to play our live events.  Dealers will indicate whether they are willing and available to deal at the tournament(s).  

  • A Dealer who indicates they ARE willing to deal, will earn 2 DEALER CREDITS.
  • A Dealer who indicates they MAY be willing to deal, if needed, will earn 1 DEALER CREDIT.
  • A Dealer who indicates they are NOT willing to volunteer to deal will earn 0 DEALER CREDITS.

  • Note:  If you are signing up for two tournaments in the same week, and indicate you ARE willing to deal, you will actually earn FOUR (4) Dealer Credits.

Over the course of the 8-week series, all Certified Dealers who have earned a minimum of 12 Dealer Credits will be eligible to play in the Dealer Super Pass Tournament.

Whether you are selected to deal at the tournament is not important.  Registering to play and willing to deal at a tournament is what is important.  This helps the Tournament Directors plan the number of tables that can be offered to members during the registration process.

As always, we look to involve more Dealers at each tournament in order to share the work load, and to ensure that we do not overburden our volunteers.​​

Dealers who have qualified to play the Super Pass Tournament: