Al & Anita

February 6

Kevork & Fernando

February 13

Keith & Michael

February 20

Lee & John

January 30

1954 Yonge Street, (north of Davisville)
Start:  7:00pm  /  Late entry:  7:30pm /   Dinner Break:  8:00pm

As of:  February 27 - FINAL RESULTS

Al & Anita

January 23

Kevork & Fernando

January 16

Tuesday Night - Tag Team Tournament Series

Nola & Alexandre

February 27

Session A - Tag Team Tournament Series Winners:

How this works?

  • Each team member plays their own 10K starting stack until the dinner break. .
  • Following the first break, the chip stacks are combined, and team play begins.  Team members alternate play each blind level.
  • Each team is provided with three (3) 'Consultation Chips' which allow them to meet during a hand to consult (for one minute) about action.  When a team is eliminated, the team that took them out earns one additional Consultation opportunity.
  • At the point where there are just 7 teams remaining, the Final Table is seated.  At this point, team members may alternate in/out at any time - between hands.
  • When there are just four teams remaining in the tournament, all 8 remaining players are seated at the table, and play alternates each hand.
  • At heads-up, team members alternate play on each 'street'.
  • Both members of the winning team qualify to play the Winners' Cup Tournament 
  • All players at the Final Table earn Player of the Series points, weighted by the number of entries, and bounties earned.
  • All teams at the Final Table earn Legs towards a seat at the TPL Main Event
  • Alternate Players will earn and retain any Legs and Player of the Series Points earned; the absent team member will not benefit from these points, except for team series points.  Similarly, if the Alternate Players' team happens to win the tournament or the Second Chance Tournament, they will advance to the Winners' Cup or Second Chance Tournament of Champions, and the absent team member will not.

Julie & Brandon 

January 9

Alternate: Paul T.