Ticket holders - Series B:

  1. Anita B. (Transferred from Syed H.)
  2. Jake C.
  3. Julie M.
  4. Tracy H.
  5. Michael B.
  6. Nick T.
  7. Nola D.
  8. Ron P.
  9. ​Syed H.
  10. Oliver Y. (Transferred from Ron P.)
  11. Fernando T.
  12. Rick S.
  13. Matthew B.
  14. Michael D.
  15. Phil D. (Transferred from Julie M.)
  16. Al C.  (Transferred from Syed H.)
  17. Alan R.
  18. Liz S.
  19. Michael L.
  20. Aviva A.
  21. Phil D.  (His second ticket)
  22. Michael Fo.
  23. Maryanne P.
  24. Wendy D.
  25. Phil D. (His third ticket)
  26. Syed H.  (His second ticket)
  27. Robert S. (Transferred from Syed H.)
  28. To be determined
  29. To be determined
  30. To be determined
  31. To be determined
  32. To be determined

Ticket to Ride Europe Series B is a live tournament event that will be held at a private residence.  The winner will earn a travel package to Europe; a travel allowance of up to $1,500 will be awarded.  This live event will have a maximum of 32 entries.

Qualifiers for this event will be run periodically online at 888poker.  The qualifier events will feature a $2 buy-in for a "Rebuy" tournament, (meaning that there are re-buys and an add-on permitted during the re-buy period).  For every $50 in the online prize pool, one ticket to the destination event will be awarded.  Any player that wins multiple entries will retain the right to transfer/sell the ticket to any CPL member in good standing.

Win a travel package to Europe - Series B

​Sunday, January 7, 7pm - The Strangford