The Top 10 players from each venue during Session B will be invited:

  • Monday Night - Final Table Series
  • Tuesday Night - Stud Poker Series
  • Tuesday Night - Single Table Series
  • Wednesday Night - Top 24 Series

The tournament will be held on Tuesday, May 15th.

BONUS CHIPS for the Final Tournament:

Players that finish a weekly tournament at the Final Table will earn National Series Points (NSP) which will be used as a multiplier to award Bonus Chips that will be added to the starting stack at the Top 8 Tournament.  The schedule for the Bonus Chips, is as follows:

The roster of qualified player will be publish following Week #8 in the current series.

Qualified Players (by Night and Bonus Chips)



  1. If a player has qualified for the Top 10 Tournament from multiple venues during the Session, they will be assigned Bonus Chips from the venue where they earned the higher number of National Series Points.
  2. Each Top 10 Tournament has limited seating, and reservations will be accepted on a first-come basis, however our Certified Tournament Dealers will have a 12-hour advantage for booking, providing them with first-right of refusal to play the event.
  3. Once the tournament is full, a waiting list will be formed and seats offered in the event of a cancellation.
  4. At the private tournament, players will be assessed a buy-in, and re-buys and one add-on will be offered. 
  5. Players designated with an * are replacing a player who has qualified for this event from another night.

What is the Top 10 Tournament?

The Top 10 players on the nightly Leaderboard at the end of the 'Session' will qualify to play in the Top 10 Tournament.  Invitations will be issued to all qualifiers, and the first 24 to reply will have their seat confirmed at the private tournament.

The winner of the Top 10 Tournament earns an Air Canada gift card and an embroidered hoodie to commemorate their achievement.​​