What is the Top 16 Tournament?

The Top 16 players on the Tuesday night Leaderboard at the end of the 'Session' will qualify to play in the Top 16 Tournament.  Invitations will be issued to all qualifiers to play private tournament.

The winner of the Top 16 Tournament earns a travel package to Montreal.​​

Event Details:

The Session A 'Top 16 Tournament' will be held at The Strangford, on Thursday, March 22 at 7pm.

Players from Session A who have qualified to play this event:

  1. Mike S.
  2. Mike A.
  3. Paul T.
  4. Marlo F.
  5. James Sc.
  6. Robert S.
  7. Bruno D.
  8. Lee Ga.
  9. Peter S.
  10. Ron P.
  11. John M.
  12. Don H.
  13. Julie M.
  14. Michael X.
  15. Chris Di.
  16. Scott R.