Event Dates:

  • Thursday, March 1 - The Strangford

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Sponsored by:  Straight Poker Supplies

How to qualify to play this final event:

The TPL Main Event is held at the end of the Session.  To qualify for a seat into this event, a player must have earned a minimum of TEN (10) Legs.  (Click here to learn how to earn Legs in this series).

Event prizes:

The winner of the TPL Main Event will earn a travel allowance to Montreal, plus funds for a buy-in deposited into their Party Poker account.

The overall winner also earns an embroidered hoodie to commemorate their tournament win as the 'Main Event Winner'.

Qualified Players - those that have earned a minimum of 10 Legs during the Session:

  1. Al C.
  2. ​Anita B.
  3. ​Brian Ba.
  4. Bruno D.
  5. Eric P.
  6. Fernando T.
  7. ​James Sc.
  8. John C.
  9. Julie M.
  10. ​Julie T.
  11. Kevork G.
  12. Lankesh S.
  13. ​Lee Ga.
  14. Michael L.
  15. Mike S.
  16. Nola D.
  17. ​Patrick S.
  18. Paul T.
  19. Syed H.
  20. ​Tim C.