Event Date:

  • Monday, May 14th - The Wallace

Event prizes:

The winner of the TPL Main Event will earn an Air Canada gift card.

The overall winner also earns an embroidered hoodie to commemorate their tournament win as the 'Main Event Winner'.

  1. Al C.
  2. Alan R.
  3. Anita B.​
  4. ​Bruno D.
  5. Chris Di.
  6. Derek O.
  7. Fernando T.
  8. James Sc.
  9. John C.
  10. John M.
  11. John N.
  12. Julie M.
  13. Keith F.
  14. ​Michael B.
  15. Michael L.
  16. Mike A.
  17. Mike S.
  18. Nola D.
  19. Patrick S.
  20. Paul S.
  21. Robert S.
  22. Syed H.
  23. ​Tim C.
  24. ​Tracy R.

Roster of Qualified Players - those that have earned a minimum of 15 Legs during Session B:

Sponsored by:  Straight Poker Supplies

How to qualify to play this final event:

The TPL Main Event is held at the end of the Session.  To qualify for a seat into this event, a player must have earned a minimum of 15 Legs.

(Click here to learn how to earn Legs in this series).