Event Dates:

  • ​Day #1 - Monday, December 11
  • ​Day #2 - Tuesday, December 12

How to qualify to play this final event:

The TPL Main Event is a 2-day event that will be held at the end of the Series.  To qualify for a seat into this event, a player must have earned a minimum of twenty-five (25) Legs.  (Click here to learn how to earn Legs in this series).

Play will continue on Day #1 until 11pm, or until there are just 24 players remaining - which ever comes first.

Day #2 is a new tournament with a new starting stack.  Play will continue until there is a winner.

Qualified Players:

  1. Al C.
  2. ​Alexandre S.
  3. Anita B.
  4. ​Aviva C.
  5. ​Brandon A.
  6. ​Brian V.
  7. ​Bruno D.
  8. ​Don H.
  9. ​Eddy U.
  10. Fernando T.
  11. ​Glenn I.
  12. ​Harvey Z.
  13. ​James Sc.
  14. ​John C.
  15. ​John N.
  16. ​Julie M.​
  17. Julie T.
  18. ​Keith F.
  19. ​Lee Ga.
  20. Liz L.
  21. Liz S.
  22. ​Marlo F.
  23. Michael B.
  24. ​Michael De.
  25. ​Michael Fo.
  26. Michael L.
  27. Mike A.
  28. ​Mike S.
  29. ​Nola D.
  30. Oliver Y.
  31. Oscar P.
  32. Owen H.
  33. ​Paul T.
  34. Peter S.
  35. ​Phil D.
  36. Rick S.
  37. ​Robert D.
  38. ​Robert S.
  39. ​Ron P.
  40. ​Steve M.
  41. Syed H.
  42. Tim C.
  43. ​Tracy H.
  44. Tracy R.
  45. Wendy D.

Sponsored by:  Straight Poker Supplies

Event prizes:

The final two (2) players from the TPL Main Event each earns a ticket entry into the Canadian Poker Inter-League Championship that will be held at 888poker.  

The overall winner also earns an embroidered hoodie to commemorate their tournament win as the 'Main Event Winner'.

Check the latest Player Situation Report to see your progress towards a seat into the TPL Main Event