Denis R.

Week #1 - A

Ron P.

Week #4 - B

1954 Yonge Street, (north of Davisville)
Start:  7:00pm  /  Late entry:  7:30pm /   Dinner Break:  8:00pm

Anita B

Week #5 - A

*The Last Standing "Sit & Go Hero" must earn a seat at the Final Table of the Winner's Cup, in order to be eligible to play the 3-handed tournament on Party Poker.

Ron P.

Week #5 - B

Alexandria J.

Week #8 - B

Mike A

Week #8 - A

As of July 10 / FINAL RESULTS

Anita B.

Week #7 - B

Anita B

Week #1 - C

Denis K.

Week #3 - B

Mike A.

Week #1 - B

Robert S.

Week #4 - A

Mario T.

Week #7 - A

James Sc.

Week #3 - A

Tuesday Night - Single Table Tournaments

At the Winner's Cup Tournament on July 26th, the Last Standing* "Sit & Go Hero" will play a 3-handed tournament on Party Poker, with a chance to instantly win up to $500,000 USD.

How this works?

  • Each tournament table will have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 players.
  • The starting stack at each table is 10,000 chips.  Blinds increase every 6 hands.
  • The winner (known as a "Sit & Go Hero") of each single-table tournament qualifies to play the Winners' Cup Tournamentwhere a travel package will be awarded.
  • All players at the table earn Player of the Series points, weighted by the number of entries, and bounties earned.
  • Final 3 players will earn Legs towards a seat at the TPL Main Event where a travel package will be awarded.
  • The Top 10 players on the Leaderboard at the end of the Session will qualify to play the Top 10 Tournament where a travel package will be awarded.

Session C - Single-table Sit & Go Tournament Winners:

Paul T.

Week #2 - A

Ron P.

Week #2 - B