Players who have qualified for the Wednesday Night Final Tournament:

  1. Al C.
  2. Alan R.
  3. Anita B.
  4. Arash A.
  5. Ben H.
  6. Brendan O-F.
  7. Brian V.
  8. Bruno D.
  9. Denis K.
  10. Derek O.
  11. Don H.
  12. Enzo D.
  13. Harvey Z.
  14. Jackie R.
  15. James O.
  16. Joe D.
  17. John M.
  18. John Mc.
  19. Leo B.
  20. Marlo F.
  21. Michael L.
  22. Mike N.
  23. Mike S.
  24. Natailya S.
  25. Niall M.
  26. Nola D.
  27. Oliver Y.
  28. Owen H.
  29. Paul S.
  30. Paul T.
  31. Rachel A.
  32. Robert S.
  33. Ron P.
  34. Scott R.
  35. Steve M.
  36. Syed H.
  37. Tim C.

As of August 15 / FINAL RESULTS

Mike S.

Week #1

1535 Yonge Street  (just north of St. Clair, on east-side)

Start:  7:00pm  /  Late entry:  7:30pm / Dinner Break:  8:00pm

Michael L.

Week #3

Players who finish any Wednesday Night tournament during Session D in the "Sweet 16" will be invited to play the Wednesday Night Final Tournament on Wednesday, August 22nd at Midtown Gastro Hub.  

In addition, when a player finishes at a Final Table they earn Bonus Chips which will be added to their starting stack at the Wednesday Night Final Tournament.  The deeper a player goes at a Final Table, the more Bonus Chips they will earn.  Similarly, the more frequently that a player finishes at the Final Table, the more Bonus Chips they will earn.

All nine members of the nightly Final Table will qualify to play the Fast & Furious Series Final Tournament on Thursday, August 23rd where an entry to the WSOP-C Main Event ($1,100 buy-in) will be awarded to the winner.

‚ÄčThe winner at nightly tournament will qualify to be the 'Last Winner Standing' at the Fast & Furious Series Final Tournament, and play a 3-handed online tournament to instantly win up to $500,000.

Joe D.

Week #4

Wednesday Night "Sweet 16" Tournament Series

Session D - Tournament Winners:

Marlo F.

Week #2