Roster of "Alternate Players:, if needed (by order of when they qualified):

  1. Steve M.
  2. Syed H.
  3. Anita B.
  4. Nola D.​
  5. Alan R.
  6. Patrick S.
  7. Ron P.
  8. Maryanne P.
  9. ​Nick T.
  10. ​Michael D.
  11. Liz S.
  12. Jake C.
  13. ​Kyle R.

Session A:

What is the Winners' Cup Tournament?

The winner of each live tournament during the 'Session' qualifies to play in the Winners' Cup Tournament.  A new tournament is scheduled at the end of each 'Session'.  The live event will include tournament winners, however, "Alternate Players" (those that won an online tournament during the same period) will be called upon, if needed, to fill the roster.  The winner of each Winners' Cup Tournament earns a travel package to Europe.​​

Bonus Chips:

Bonus chips are added to the starting stack, depending upon the number of additional tournament wins that the players earns during the Session:

  1. Second win - add 500 Bonus Chips
  2. Third win - add 1,000 Bonus Chips
  3. Fourth win - add 1,500 Bonus Chips


Roster of qualified players (alphabetical order):

  1. Al C.
  2. Aviva C. + 500 Chip Bonus
  3. Fernando T.
  4. Greg V.
  5. ​John N.
  6. Julie M. + 1,000 Chip Bonus
  7. Hunter C.
  8. ​Kingsley S.
  9. ​Marlo F.
  10. Michael De.
  11. Michael L. + 1,500 Chip Bonus
  12. Peter S.
  13. Phil D.
  14. ​Robert D.
  15. ​Shawn M.
  16. Stuart K.
  17. Thomas B.
  18. Tim C. + 500 Chip Bonus
  19. Tracy R. + 500 Bonus Chips
  20. ​Trish L.

Players who have qualified for the Winners' Cup Tournament (Session A) on Thursday, August 10th, include: